Oct 07

Toronto Wedding Decor Trends

Toronto Wedding Decor has definitely evolved over the years and Babylon Decor is always adjusting to new trends and the creation of new design ideas for the local Bride. Couples are loving the look of luxe finishes and beautiful seasonal florals. Gold metalics, marble dance floors, floral arches and grand centerpieces... read more →
Oct 07

3 Reasons to Book Photography and Videography

Photography and videography or both incredibly important aspects to any wedding. The ability to look back at memories and relive beautiful moments with loved ones and your spouse is something that can’t be replaced. Here are our top 3 reasons you should hire professional photographers and videographers! Quality Working with... read more →
Oct 07

Real and Fake Wedding Cakes

Served desserts and late night sweet tables leave many couples wondering whether or not there is much value in ordering a cake. The reality is that many guests will not eat very much of your beautiful wedding cake at all. Babylon offers great alternatives to these common worries that most couples... read more →
Aug 07

Indoor Fireworks

Amaze your guests with our incredible new indoor fireworks! Toronto has been blown away by this new way to get any party started. Indoor fireworks, or “sparklers”, have become the biggest craze for weddings and events and Babylon has everything you need to make it happen! Your favorite one-stop shop... read more →
May 16
May 09

Offering Chuppah Décor for Jewish Wedding

The chuppah is symbolic for a Jewish wedding because it symbolizes a Jewish home with the use of a canopy that can be any material including cloth with four poles. It represents the openness and hospitality to a guest. Spiritually, the chuppah covering represents a presence from God residing over... read more →
May 02

Decorating Red Carpet Corporate Events

Choosing the right company to help you plan a professional red carpet corporate event is a very important choice in Toronto. That will make the difference between a successful party, leaving your guests truly satisfied and one that will leave you having to explain yourself the following day as to... read more →
Apr 25
Apr 18
Apr 11