Oct 07

Real and Fake Wedding Cakes

Served desserts and late night sweet tables leave many couples wondering whether or not there is much value in ordering a cake. The reality is that many guests will not eat very much of your beautiful wedding cake at all.

Babylon offers great alternatives to these common worries that most couples have! Anything from affordable 3 and 4 tier cakes to extravagant fake cakes, there’s always an option to make sure that your budget and guests are impressed.

Many couples aren’t aware of some of the elements that can make wedding cakes so pricey. Multiple tiers, labour intensive sugar flowers and intricate designs are common culprits to reasons why the price of a cake can go up. With this in mind, Babylon offers fake cakes that will completely blow your mind and change your expectations about what you thought a fake wedding cake should look like. Don’t be surprised when your all guests thought it was a real cake the whole time!

When ordering a fake cake, Babylon always recommends having a small real cake to be placed either beside or behind your fake cake. Photographers will still be able to get some great shots of you and your spouse cutting a cake, so you won’t miss out on tradition!

Smaller 3 and 4 tier cakes are also great options that allow plenty for guests to indulge in at your late night sweet table, plus the traditional top tier for you to take home! It is considered common for about 60% of your guests to taste the cake at some point of the night, having the option to order a cake and all your other wedding needs in one place is worth inquiring about!

Inquire today to bundle all your wedding needs in one place!

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