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Wedding Photography arranged by Babylon Decor transcends normal expectations and deliver a collage of emotions in a harmonious sequence. There are infinite advantages of having Babylon Decor handle your wedding photography.

Photographs are needed of each tiny event on the wedding day as well as the major moment, missing nothing, capturing everything. With our in-house photography department we deploy only professional and experienced photographers to give a dream look to each single photo.

Babylon Decor undertakes wedding photography as a part of the overall wedding planning package and involvement of the photographer starts months ahead of the wedding. A photographer is first introduced to the couple and gets to know them, their families and friends to make sure he misses nothing on the wedding day. Photo shoots are arranged for use in engagement announcements and for invitations if needed. On the wedding day itself, our coordinator is working closely with the photographer to ensure that each tiny development unfolds brilliantly on film. The bride dressing up or the groom dressing up, interactions going on in the background among family members, decorations, arrival of guests, everything is captured beautifully and each shot becomes a part of the greater story. We make sure our wedding photographers visit the actual wedding venue and familiarize themselves with the site to select the best lighting angles and camera angles.

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Our professional photographers are hand picked for their creative talent and the ability to capture fleeting emotions and feelings. They have flair and intuition developed after long years of practice to frame the telling moment for posterity. We use only the best and most advanced full frame high resolution digital cameras and lighting arranged strategically at the wedding venue to complement natural lighting. Totally professional in our approach, we do not use only one photographer but a team with various cameras at various angles so that the magic moments of the ceremonies are all captured in different dimensions. The eyes, the hands, the gestures, the looks….they are all poignantly captured at just the right moment. Portraits of the bride, the groom and the family are taken with a larger format camera so that even large sized blow ups come out superbly, showing even the most minor detail in the jewelry and costumes. After the wedding, there will be photo shoots at popular scenic spots in the city, photographs of all the family and friends together, photos of the wedding couple getting into the limo, the lunch and festivities. When you view photographs you will feel as if they are taken from fashion magazines, such is the expertise of our wedding photography.

Post the event we work on the wedding photographs in our studio, create a set of prints for your approval and deliver only those of your choice, arranged in sequence so that you have a complete picture of the entire event from the beginning to the end. We also give a special album of only the most memorable shots of the wedding, large blow ups of portraits and a CD with a slide show.

Wedding Photography handled by Babylon Decor gets as near picture perfect as is possible, with no flaws and all the right ingredients to capture happy memories for a lifetime.

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