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A wedding is a treat for all the senses. Food, colors, lights, smells, touch and sound all play an important part to giving weddings their special aura that no other celebration on earth can match.

Music is integral to and an important part of any wedding. These days it is not just any music. Today’s themed wedding need music that will match the mood and theme of the day. With guests coming from various backgrounds and having various temperaments, getting them all to become involved and get the party going can also be an uphill task at times. A music band is fine but then it is on a different level altogether, projecting a different image and conjuring different visions.

If you plan on having a wedding party at the reception and really gets it going, involving all guests in a mix of various activities, leave it to us to pick out the most suitable wedding DJ for you. As wedding planners we will be discussing your wedding plans with you to build up a rapport and a wedding DJ is part of the plan. We want your day to be a grand success and the party at the end is what people will remember so we take great pains to coordinate your wishes.

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Our wedding DJ will take time off to meet and discuss with both the bride and the groom about their musical tastes, their favorite music and songs, the guests and invitees and their temperaments and everything that will give them a good background on what to do to set the ball rolling. Groundwork is essential for success in any project and for us a reception party is a critical part of the wedding. Wedding DJs selected by us to get into the act on that evening are sure to bring out the effervescent best from everyone present.

Much thought goes into selecting an appropriate DJ for your wedding. We have tie ups with only the best and, importantly, the most competent with a flair and passion for what they do. We can show you video demos of each wedding DJ to demonstrate their mastery of their art and craft. Yes, our wedding DJs are not just professionals, they are creators and they set the mood and tone for a highly satisfactory and enjoyable evening at the wedding reception party. We know just how important a wedding DJ is, since he is the one who will introduce the bridal party, announce the first dance and encourage everyone to step up to the dance floor, announce the father/bride dance, the mother/groom dance, cutting of the cake and much more for a whirlwind of activity in which every guest becomes involved.

Trust us to match the perfect Wedding DJ with your perfect wedding.

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