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Choose Wedding Venues for Weddings, Banquets, Receptions, and other Special Events.

Babylon Decor has been transforming weddings since a long time, planning and executing each wedding with perfection in each minor detail and this extends to selection of the right wedding venue that is in keeping with your wedding theme.

There are numbers of such locations in and around Toronto and since we are in this business we have special connections with these places. We can rent them out at affordable rates and make all background arrangements so that on the actual wedding day, it is a fairy tale like realization of your dream.

We maintain an extensive portfolio of exclusive and scenic venues for weddings, banquets and receptions. Plan your weddings with us and our team will help you decide the best location that will suit your preferences. We know in depth about each location, its advantage and the benefits as well as cost of rental. You can choose picturesque estates, chapels, resorts, banquet halls, hotels, historic venue, mansions, old houses or even a yacht if you like. There is no dearth of choices and Babylon Decor, following its policy of going beyond the simple and mundane, sets up your wedding to be the grand event of all time in your life through selection of the most appropriate wedding venues.

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In a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic city, we cater to a range of communities from all continents of the world. In each instance we arrange the best suited and matched wedding venues dressed up by us in line with the wedding theme. Since we handle all wedding arrangements you are assured of perfection in each thing at the wedding venue, including flower decoration, catering, layout, table, seating, fountains, lights and just about everything you can dream of for an extravaganza of a wedding. There is graciousness, elegance, style and a unique feel that we bestow to each wedding venue through our highly stylized and creative decorating process. Form and function are fused seamlessly into a fine event when you have Babylon Decor handling wedding venues and arrangements for you.

There is no lack of special venues for weddings in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton or in the Greater Toronto, like the Atlantis Pavilions, the Ancaster Old Mill, Bayview Golf and Country Club, Berkeley Church and Belleview Manor, to name only a few. Trust our expertise and our experience in helping you choose the ideal wedding venue for you and you will be more than happy with the outcome.

Choosing the perfect wedding venues can be a time consuming a tedious process but when you have us handling the event for you, we present all details for your consideration and give you recommendations on the perfect venue for you, keeping in mind the theme, the number of guests and your budget. Therefore, when it is wedding venues that come up for consideration, ask for expert assistance from Babylon Decor. We know of each location in and around Toronto and can be your invaluable guide in selecting the right wedding venue.

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