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Babylon Decor is the de-facto wedding planner and arranger for those who expect something hugely impressive beyond the ordinary for their wedding day. If you have only a vague idea of what you would like your wedding theme to be or have no idea at all but want us to come up with something super special, unique, striking and innovative, we will do it for you. As wedding planners and managers extraordinaire, our services cover everything that is involved in a wedding and that includes flower arrangements, dresses, wedding favors, flower arrangements, seating, table arrangements, wedding cake, bridesmaids’ dresses, backdrops, themes, music and food to name only a few of the myriad elements that make for a grand wedding composition. Our team works out everything down to the last minute detail, planning and carrying out the entire

operation with meticulous and planned precision down to the last moment when the couple say goodbye and leave for their honeymoon. We have developed capabilities and facilities in house, have a team of extremely creative geniuses and access to some of the best services in the industry. All this enables us to go beyond the ordinary and offer you super special wedding services from one single source. It makes good sense to leave all wedding planning in the hands of one planner and manager. You know you can trust us and you know how seriously we take our responsibilities. We can plan and integrate all services in planned sequence with perfect coordination for absolute success. Our services beyond the normal wedding planning and implementation cover the following areas.

Wedding Limo Services
We have close affiliations with one of the best limo service operators in Toronto. Our connections enable us to hire the most suited limo for your wedding to match the theme of your wedding and at the same time remains within budgets. We can arrange a nice vintage Rolls or Bentley for a classic traditional wedding, or a luxurious and elegant stretch limo for a modern wedding. We can arrange for a limo for the couple and family and a stretch limo or SUV for the guests and invitees at some of the best rates and with a high standard of service. Our connections and arrangements enable us to have the limo available even for the evening reception and the send off.

Wedding Table Decor, Flower, Decorations, Lighting
When you entrust the task of table decor, flower arrangements, decorations and lighting to us, we harmonize each aspect and go to great lengths to be innovative, daring and yet, blend it all in an artistic and creative way to be a visual and sensory treat. We harmonize all elements into a visually pleasing thematic composition that is attention getting yet a part of the whole arrangement.

Wedding DJ
A wedding is all about celebration and festivities and music is to the soul what food is to the body. Having a music band playing some of the all time favorite tunes is great but if you want to really infuse spirit into the party and get each guest involved and enjoying to the max, a wedding DJ from Babylon Decor is the obvious choice. A reception turns into a dynamic event with our DJ handling proceedings. From hundreds of DJs available, we have a chosen few associated with us and for each type of wedding we know which wedding DJ to select to make the party come alive and be a rip roaring success so much so that people may want the party to go on and on. Something they will remember long after the event. That’s what our wedding DJ does.

Wedding Planners
Planning is 90% while 10% is execution. On perfect planning depends successful execution. Successful planning is born of insight, vast experience and tremendous capabilities of handling various matters simultaneously, of being able to foresee and anticipate and consider contingencies. We know. We have been doing this for years. Planning weddings and then implementing each aspect is our forte. Ask any of our thousands of happily married clients and each will remember his or her wedding day and talk happily of how our assistance in wedding planning made it so memorable. We have on call a host of experts from catering to photography and limos to flower arrangements. When you leave wedding planning to us, you leave the entire burden to us, planned and executed to perfection. Only Gods can do it better. You relax, mix with guests and friends, enjoy your wedding and have the time of your life. It’s your wedding, isn’t it?