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Babylon Decor has its in-house full fledged production service Video Babylon, offering state of art, professional, near movie-like wedding video services. When you entrust us with the wedding arrangements, we also take up wedding video as part of the entire package to ensure that there is perfection and superior results.

A wedding is a gala affair, everything so perfect, even people dressed at their best and a movie scene could not be better. When you have taken so many pains to ensure perfection for your wedding, naturally you would want the entire day to be recorded on video.

Oshawa-Wedding-Flowers-By-Babylon-Decor Toronto Wedding Video Production Videographer with experience
Custom-Weddding-Dance-Floor-Oakville-Babylon-Decor Toronto Wedding Video Production Videographer with experience
Babylon-Decor-Indian-Style-Wedding-Decor-in-Brampton Toronto Wedding Video Production Videographer with experience

Each wedding is unique and we have insight born of years of experience to handle wedding videos in a special way to bring out the moods, capture the emotions and feelings sensitively and with perfection. At Babylon Decor we take wedding video very seriously and plan the event with precision, visiting the venues to let the videographers decide the best camera angles and the best lighting angles that will give extraordinary results. What you see in the final compilations is a montage of joy, laughter, tears and interplay of emotions tellingly captured from the right angles. There will tense moments and evocative and memorable moments and with specialists at the job, not a single moment is missed. Each sequence is then artfully blended and edited for a final presentation along with titles and audio to bring a theater experience to the effort.

Babylon Decor employs not one but a team of video cameramen, using a variety of professional cameras like the Phantom and the Red One Cameras for extremely high definition, beautifully choreographed slow motion capture of the highlights, emotions and action sequences from various angles. Lighting is artfully arranged not to intrude and to discreetly complement the natural light for natural effects. Even the cameramen are very discreet, knowing where to position themselves to get the best shots and capture the entire proceedings without missing any vital moments.

Babylon Decor video productions are famed for their near-movie like quality, high definition and beautiful edits. When you watch the final wedding video it is more like watching a movie than a wedding shoot. We bring professional expertise of a team of talented video experts that includes gifted cameramen, editing experts and audio experts. Movies shot in the church, at home, in the banquet hall and at the reception keep your attention riveted to the breathtaking sequence of events as they unfold. It is expertise in capturing video as well as a refined post production technique using latest computers and equipments that combine into a beautiful compilation you will love to watch again and again.

As well as presenting previews of the day’s proceedings during the reception for the couple and family members, we also upload the entire video so any of your friends, anywhere in the world, can watch the wedding. We compile the video in a set of DVDs with personalized print on the DVD as well as on the jewel case. A short wedding video shows clips of all the important events like the ceremony, banquet, limo ride, first dances and interplay between guests.

Trust us to deliver extremely high quality wedding video services: we have been doing it for years to the satisfaction of thousands of our happy clients.

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