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Everything is picture perfect but if the catering is well below expectations and extremely disappointing, it can blot everything else and ruin a wedding. This is one reason why Babylon Decor catering service is of the highest order.

With themed weddings the order of the day, we take special care to ensure the menu conforms to the theme and at the same time, is also to the liking of the guests.

Toronto, with its multi-ethnic population poses a challenge to us. We may, at times, be called upon to provide catering service to Asian clientele while at times it may be from East Europe or West Europe and in each instance we, at Babylon Decor, in keeping with our principle of going beyond the ordinary, try to deliver a comprehensive, varied, eclectic menu that will please all guests. In charge of wedding planning and the table arrangements as well, with the catering service added to our portfolio of wedding services you are assured of perfection and peace of mind knowing we are here to handle everything to make your wedding a grand success. We bring professionalism and a special liking for various cuisines to our wedding catering services because we want your guests and yourselves to have a truly outstanding experience, something that will stay in your memory for ever. We have rendered wedding planning and wedding catering services to some of the choice and exclusive high profile segments of Toronto’s multi-cultural society as well as to people one would consider ordinary and in each instance, have managed to deliver exceptionally superb experience with some truly delectable food and impeccable service.

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Our wedding catering service is a part of our overall wedding planning service for which Babylon Decor is so well known in Toronto and throughout the Greater Toronto Area. When you retain us as your wedding planner, catering occupies an important part in the planning of the event and we go to great lengths to discuss the menu and other items with you and your family members. We finalize after a great deal of deliberations, taking into consideration all the possible likes and dislikes of your expected guests. Having an elaborate and grand themed wedding without a menu to match takes something away from it. We therefore help you select the finest ensemble of dishes that will not only bring their exotic attraction but will add to and enhance the whole wedding itself.

One reason why it makes good sense to have Babylon Decor handle catering is our connections in the wedding services related industry and our experience with people, instinctively giving us an intuitive feel for what will be a success and what will not. Our experience helps to get the best and choicest of items compiled into a delectable fare for your guests at surprisingly affordable budgets, without wastage of food or without guests lacking for anything. It is not just the theme we consider; it is also the time of the day and the season as well that influence the choice of menu in our catering service. From the finest food to exquisite tableware, we take care of everything on your behalf so you can relax and enjoy your once-in-a-lifetime event, knowing that it is a grand success.

Babylon Decor bundles in wedding catering services with wedding planning package at affordable rates with superior services.

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