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Babylon Decor is your wedding planner par excellence in Toronto. We bring a pizzazz and panache to weddings that is unequaled, giving you more than what you expect, conducting the entire process more like a music conductor orchestrating a grand symphony.

A wedding is so much like a symphony. All notes must be in harmony with no dissonance anywhere, any time from start to finish. Weddings these days are sophisticated events, far removed from the simple events of a past era. Themed weddings on a grand scale are the order of the day involving a variety of operations and functions that must be choreographed in perfect coordination for the event to be a grand success. There are so many aspects to a wedding starting with the invitation and ending with the send off that it is not humanly possible for a single human being to handle everything and ensure success. This is where we, as wedding planners take over and ensure perfection.

When you first engage us, we delegate a team exclusively to handle your wedding. Our team discusses your expectations and each little thing involved in the wedding like floral decorations, table arrangements and decorations, invitations and thank you notes, bonbonieres, guest seating, transportation, photography, music, wedding DJ, wedding venue, catering and beverages in addition to security arrangements. The expertise of wedding planners shows in arranging everything beautifully yet managing all these within a specified budget.

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Babylon Decor has a vast network of specialists in each aspect connected with the wedding and we act as coordinators and planners, working simultaneously with all those connected with providing supporting services. We ensure they deliver the right thing on time and in the right way. Before the days following the wedding and on the wedding day itself, we are in active touch with each service provider coordinating their activities and also helping coordinate their activities simultaneously. For instance, we coordinate fireworks handler, wedding DJ and the photographer to coordinate their activities to achieve the perfect fusion and sequence of action that are also captured for posterity. In the same way we coordinate with the limo operator and the photographer too to ensure that photographs are recorded where the limo is involved. These are just two examples of the myriad functions we take care of and keep a watchful eye on before and on the wedding day. Our aim is to ensure excellence and perfect harmony in the sequence of events. We want your guests to be happy and satisfied. You cannot possibly be everywhere but we handle this important matter on your behalf with finesse and ease.

At Babylon Decor we believe planning is 90% of the event and implementation 10% but both are vitally important to achieve 100%. We are meticulous in planning each little thing connected to the wedding from all possible angles and then being just as careful and attentive during implementation with specific individuals coordinating all activities.

With Babylon Decor acting as your wedding planners, everything from start to finish goes off in perfect sync, no complaints but only praise for you and a grand wedding to remember for life.

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