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Babylon Decor handles wedding arrangements with professional competence and consummate ease. Encompassing a broad range of wedding related services, we handle conceptualization, design and printing of some custom wedding invitations that are surely bound to impress each recipient.

Especially when you plan a theme wedding, you want colors and design to harmonize across all arrangements and it all starts with the wedding invitation that sets the tone and raises expectations of what the wedding will be like in the minds of each invitee.

There is no limit to imagination when one thinks of invitation cards. It can be simple and elegant, reflecting a traditional style. It can be ornate and highly stylized. Babylon Decor can handle everything from the simple to the sophisticated and the traditional to the radical in designing, creating and printing of highly custom wedding invitations to make your event a highly anticipated one. We choose the right card stock and envelope to match the design and theme of the wedding and the design possibilities include simple gatefold or a tri-fold, ribbon trim or gold thread trim. The sky is not the limit when one visualizes wedding invitations from Babylon Decor.

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Babylon Decor has its own in-house design and creative unit, specializing exclusively on weddings and wedding invitations. As such our team is involved in the overall wedding theme right from the outset and the wedding invitation can be the starting point, setting the tone for the wedding theme. The team discusses your expectation and design ideas and comes up with some unique and impressive designs in wedding invitations and you can then select a final one that will be further refined until the right effect is achieved. Proofs are prepared and you check, suggest corrections or changes and the final design is prepared, ready for print. Paper can be vellum or parchment or any exclusive selection from the broad range of samples we will show for approval.

Wedding invitations designed and printed by Babylon Decor go beyond normal invitations and can be treasured as works of art since we put in a lot of creative efforts and care to perfect the card for you. We are just as meticulous about checking the content like the wording, spelling, dates and timing to ensure there are no errors.

There is no limit to what we can achieve with our creative team in terms of intricate embellishments and extraordinary effects like gold/silver foil embellishments and designs. However, with finesse and experience we achieve the right design balance, whether it is for a classic or contemporary wedding invitation, to ensure a perfect card that is way beyond your expectations.

Your wedding is a once in a life time event and you will naturally want it to be super special and a gala event. Wedding invitations set the tone and with marvelous creations from Babylon Decor, you can be sure to start off on the right foot. Trust us, we have some beautiful creations that will surely impress and inspire you.

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