Aug 07

Indoor Fireworks First Dance Effect Toronto Weddings

Amaze your guests with our incredible new indoor fireworks! Toronto has been blown away by this new way to get any party started. Indoor


fireworks, or “sparklers”, have become the biggest craze for weddings and events and Babylon has everything you need to make it happen!

Your favourite one-stop shop will not only make your wedding beautiful but also, stand out from any other wedding or event you’ve ever seen!

Indoor fireworks give a similar look of sparklers but are non-combustible. This means that there is no need for permits or insurance and a guaranteed scent-free, heat-free, and smoke-free experience.

Venues and event hosts have absolutely nothing to worry about. Also, rest assured knowing that the fireworks are completely safe around guests and children. With no heat given off, it’s impossible to hurt yourself!


Wireless remote control capabilities allow Babylon Décor to be able to fire them up whenever you like! Whether it’s the grand entrance at your wedding reception, first dance or any big event, Babylon will send qualified staff to control your indoor-safe fireworks.

Inquire today to bundle all your wedding needs in one place!


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