Oct 07

Toronto Wedding Decor Trends

Toronto Wedding Decor has definitely evolved over the years and Babylon Decor is always adjusting to new trends and the creation of new design ideas for the local Bride.

Couples are loving the look of luxe finishes and beautiful seasonal florals. Gold metalics, marble dance floors, floral arches and grand centerpieces are making their way into every luxe wedding. The best part is that Babylon Decor offers all of this!

Cartier chairs (in marquee or leather back) are beautiful additions to any bridal party table. Explore alternating them for an even more eye-catching effect!

Custom dance floors allow couples to create a grand appearance at a fraction of the cost they may expect. Depending on the dimensions, couples can lay down a completely custom monogrammed dance floor on their big day for under $1000.

If you’re interested in a full print dance floor, such as; marble, borders around the edges, or anything else along those lines, expect to spend more for the additional ink.

Floral arches are a great way to add beautiful colour! To get the look at a fraction of the cost, consider silk flower arches rather than fresh flower arches. They achieve the same look, while allowing you to splurge in other areas.

Centerpieces are a great way to “wow” your guests. Grand flower arrangements or romantic candle light are both beautiful options that your guests will love.

The perk of having fresh flowers is that your guests will be able to have a memento to take home after a beautiful evening. Combine the two options by using candelabras that hold luxe floral arrangements in the center.

Visit our Babylon Decor showroom for a consultation and quote on your wedding needs! We carry all of the latest trends.

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