May 09
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Offering Chuppah Décor for Jewish Wedding

The chuppah is symbolic for a Jewish wedding because it symbolizes a Jewish home with the use of a canopy that can be any material including cloth with four poles. It represents the openness and hospitality to a guest. Spiritually, the chuppah covering represents a presence from God residing over the Jewish marriage that is taking place. The chuppah was assembled to represent both the ceremony and the institution of a Jewish marriage is blessed.

The way the chuppah works is by the groom entering the chuppah first representing his ownership of a home. Then the bride enters the chuppah by symbolically showing the groom is providing for her with the shelter and/or clothing that the chuppah represents, and is then demonstrating the grooms’ responsibilities toward his new bride. The chuppah is made of any type of material. Such material includes velvet cloth and silk are very common, which can be customized to meet the needs of the newly married couple.

Babylon Décor in Toronto specializes in decorating weddings in Toronto with all kinds of traditional weddings and this also includes Jewish weddings. We can accommodate you with your need of a chuppah for your Jewish wedding. If you require one for your wedding in Toronto or anywhere throughout the GTA, Babylon Décor will make sure that you are able to receive the traditional chuppah for your Jewish wedding just as you need it. We will make sure that it is delivered and installed properly and then we will arrange to have it picked up from the ceremony. So when you feel there is nowhere else to go, let us show you how we can cater your needs for a chuppah for your Jewish wedding ceremony.

Contact Babylon Décor today and one of our agents are available to assist you with answering any questions that you may have regarding order Chuppah covers for your Jewish weddings in Toronto. Our showroom is just north of Toronto, giving you all the options of how Babylon Décor can assist you with what we are all about and give you an idea of just how professional we are for making sure your Jewish wedding will be a success.

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