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Hindu Wedding wedding ceremony Toronto Vaughan

Offering Wedding Décor for your next Hindu Wedding

A Hindu wedding varies depending on where you reside from in India, be it the north part of India or the south part, with each region having its own traditions and its own ways of being unique with one another, and with each making for a grand wedding celebration. In the Hindu tradition, regardless of where you are from, a great deal of importance is placed on a wedding day and marriages in general. A Hindu wedding ceremony is very vibrant, full of life, colourful, very eccentric and the celebrations can extend for days on end, with each day bringing something new to the table. For example, at both the bride’s and groom’s home, everything from the entrance doors, the interior wall, the floor and even the roof decorated with the wedding colours and themes including balloons, flowers and drapery making the house ready for the special day.

These rituals and traditions of a Hindu wedding can vary from individual to individual, however, there are some important rituals that are very common in all Hindu weddings, from giving the bride away by her father, hands being held near a fire signifying union between the bride and the groom and taking exactly seven steps as a promise to one another prior to the fire. The traditions above are more for the north Indian traditions, not the south. A south Hindu wedding includes exchanging of garlands and tying it around the bride’s neck.

Babylon Décor appreciates all the different wedding traditions that make each one special and unique and as seen by the knowledge that we have for each one, we are able to provide you with wedding décor services that will make any Hindu wedding day a success in Toronto. We will be able to offer you with all the necessary customs and traditions that go into a Hindu wedding, be it a north or south Hindu wedding tradition. So let us pleasantly offer you all you need for your Hindu wedding in Toronto from Babylon Décor.

Contact Babylon Décor today and one of our customer service reps will be readily available to help you with answering any questions that you may have regarding your Hindu wedding traditions for your wedding in Toronto. Our showroom is just north of Toronto, offering you all the options of how Babylon Décor can help you with what we are all about and give you an idea of just how professional we are for making sure your Hindu wedding will be a success.

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