Apr 18
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Getting the Bride’s House Ready for her Wedding

Everything is coming along; the day is almost here, and with a time to let out a big breath because you have worked so hard to get your wedding day ready. All the wedding services are in place, each vendor has been confirmed, the banquet hall is ready to go, the church is ready to perform the ceremony, the guest list is in order and they are all looking forward to attending your wedding. Absolutely nothing can go wrong so go ahead and take a moment to reflect on all the hard work you did with your groom, your friends and family to make this special day become a reality.

But there just seems that something is missing, something may have been overlooked in the preparation of the wedding day. Then the realization hits you, and you sink to the ground because you overlooked something so simple, yet very important. You have forgotten to plan on how to decorate the bride’s house in order to be ready for when the wedding photographer and wedding videographers come by to take photos and video of the bride, the bridal party, friends and family. You then realize it is days before the wedding, and you have planned to do other things and have no time to decorate your home.

Do not worry, give Babylon Décor a call and within a 24 hour turnaround, we can have the bride’s house all ready to go for photos and wedding videos. With our extensive selection of wedding decorations for the bride’s house, including runners for the stairs, and beautiful decorations that will blend in nicely with the theme of the wedding, relax, and give Babylon Décor a call.

Contact Babylon Décor today and one of our booking agents are available to assist you with answering any questions that you may have and providing you with great advice for decorating the bride’s house on her wedding day. Our showroom is minutes from Toronto, giving you a great idea on what Babylon Décor has to offer so you can see what we are all about and give you an idea of just how professional we are for making sure the bride’s house is dressed up nicely for the wedding day.

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