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Wedding decor Thornhill, part of the Babylon decor and Much More Group, offers next generation, full service wedding planning, wedding decor and event handling services. Everything from lighting to floral designs and wedding cakes are handled with a flair and élan. You want your wedding and reception to be stylish, contemporary and modern, elicit “oohs” and “aahs” from guests and friends? This is where your search ends, and wedding event planning and implementation starts in our capable hands, leaving you free to enjoy.

As part of the Babylon decor and Much More Group, Wedding decor Thornhill orchestrates and manages your wedding to go off seamlessly with the most wonderful flower decorations and a cake that will be the center piece of attention. The next generation in wedding decor is here and you can see our portfolio to view the fabulous design solutions we have come up with for numerous couples. You can trust us to get it right the first time. A wedding is a once in a lifetime event and you surely cannot afford compromises or trial and error with amateurs. What you need is professionals who deliver everything in time, in the best possible way with the least botheration for you and all of this within your budgets. Backdrops, linen, overlays, table centerpieces, lighting, furniture, music along with flower and cake designs conform to a single theme, translating into a wonderful visual ensemble that will leave visitors and guests impressed. Graciously elegant for the wedding and vibrantly dynamic for the reception, our floral arrangements are something to be seen to be believed, one that will remain in your memories through wonderful photographs.

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Another aspect of concern to those about to wed is the wedding cake. Who to choose and doubts about whether it will turn out to be perfect for their wedding are questions that never arise when you have Wedding decor Thornhill handling your wedding event. We take care to match the wedding cake with the overall theme, with toppers that you will retain and cherish for years. Your imagination and our creative team help you realize your dream of that perfect cake that matches the bridal dress, the floral arrangements and the overall theme.

Since years couples in Thornhill, Toronto and the Greater Toronto area have relied on us and we have never disappointed them. You can dream up the most extravagant cake or flower arrangements you want or select a traditional style, and we make sure they are fully to your expectation, to the last minor detail such as providing the right silver cutting knife for the cake.

A revolutionary approach to translating your dreams to reality through our creative designers is what makes us the preferred choice for wedding decorations in Thornhill and the GTA. Each design is unique and custom created for you to be highly impressive yet within manageable budgets—the hallmarks of professionals. Feel free to contact us by phone or email to discuss your wedding ideas.

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