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1 Pickering Wedding Decor, DJ, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planners


We at Babylon Décor know that your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and what you have been dreaming of for many years

110 Pickering Wedding Decor, DJ, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planners


Babylon Decor has a talented and passionate team with the vision to create unique themes for your wedding and then implement it all to translate the vision into a reality

51 Pickering Wedding Decor, DJ, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planners


We work closely with you and assist you with choosing the right type of wedding flowers, wedding chair covers, centrepieces and backdrops for your wedding

Wedding decor Pickering of Babylon decor and Much More manage wedding events to come off a grand scale, everything so beautifully harmonized and orchestrated, that you and your guests will cherish the day for life. Flowers and Cakes are central to weddings and with our unique expertise in themed weddings; we bring our creative talents to bear on the floral arrangements. We translate your vision into reality and design exotic as well as appealingly simple and elegant bouquets, table flowers and in fact flower decorating the whole venue to lend a touch of magic enchantment. Flowers typify beauty, freshness, innocence and delicacy. Brides can select from roses, freesia, irises, lilies, tulips, violets, lilacs and a host of others and leave the creativity part to us to give a magic touch to the decorations.

If flowers are important, wedding cakes are no less important at weddings and form the counterpoint to flowers. Everyone’s attention will be drawn to a beautifully designed and created multi-layered and tiered sumptuous wedding cake. Wedding decor Pickering has cake stylists and designers who can take your ideas about wedding cakes and transform them into reality. Colors, flavors, taste and the gorgeous appearance of wedding cakes from our design studio will leave wedding guests impressed and wanting more.

Pickering-Wedding-Decor-Babylon-Decor Pickering Wedding Decor, DJ, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planners
Pickering-Wedding-Decoration-Babylon-Decor Pickering Wedding Decor, DJ, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planners
Pickering-wedding-Center-Stage-Decoration-Babylon-Decor Pickering Wedding Decor, DJ, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planners
Pickering-Wedding-Cake-Artist-Babylon-Decor Pickering Wedding Decor, DJ, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planners

Of course, as the bride or the couple, you have the option to choose a florist to take care of your wedding and bridal floral arrangements and a bakery to give you a cake but when you choose Wedding decor Pickering you get so much more. You have access to specialists who work in tandem to deliver harmonized arrangements that synchronize and match perfectly with the entire theme of the wedding. When you choose us, you can be sure that we will take special care to match floral decorations with the dress, the tableware, the venue, lighting and theme. The cake too will be perfectly harmonized and above all you have all these at a better price. You have perfection.

Flowers and cakes are at the core of the wedding and reception and you would surely want them to be the best, yet within your budget. This is where our expertise gained through years of service comes into play. You want something out of the ordinary, something unusual, something to express your inner self, talk to us. We manage and create stunning flower decorations and wedding cakes to be highly impressive, in tune with the theme, yet affordable.

Discuss your wedding flowers and wedding cake arrangements with us and you will be amazed at the depth of detail we go into to ensure perfection for you on that momentous day. For us each client is unique and you can expect personalized attention to all aspects to make the day perfect for you. View our vast portfolio and develop your ideas for us to create for you. Our team works collaboratively with you to ensure that what we create is a representation of your vision to your satisfaction, all the way.

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