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Planning a wedding and making out a check list shows how involved and complicated the task is. Wedding invitations, venues, clergy, guest list, caterers, photographers, musicians, gifts, thank you notes, limousines, all have to be considered and arranged. Trying to do all this on your own may save money but there will be hitches on that important day and you certainly don’t want anything to go wrong. The practical trend these days is to hand over entire responsibility of the wedding to a wedding planner like Wedding decor Oshawa of Babylon decor and Much more who truly live up to their name and do everything for you, leaving you free to enjoy with friends, family and guests. Wedding decor Oshawa is the specialist division of Babylon decor, handling flower and cake arrangements for the wedding.

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We at Babylon Décor know that your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and what you have been dreaming of for many years

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Babylon Decor has a talented and passionate team with the vision to create unique themes for your wedding and then implement it all to translate the vision into a reality

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We work closely with you and assist you with choosing the right type of wedding flowers, wedding chair covers, centrepieces and backdrops for your wedding

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Oshawa-Wedding-Decor-Babylon-Decor Oshawa Wedding Decor, DJ, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planners

There is no limit to creativity in wedding flower arrangements. For instance we can give each table a unique flower decoration, taking care to ensure an overall harmony with the wedding theme. The wedding can have a note of elegance and quiet charm while your reception can be a riotous affair and this is reflected in the way we arrange flowers at each venue. One can go overboard with wedding flower arrangements or create visual interest and variety by a suitable match of shapes, shades, flower varieties and heights of the centerpieces. This style is reflected in the bridal bouquets for cohesive design.

The wedding cake is just as important an element of the wedding as flower arrangement is. Consult us with your ideas on what you visualize your wedding cake to be like and we will come up with some delightful creations. Your wedding cake can be a simple, elegant white one or a highly stylized multi-tiered, coloured concoction, with toppers to match the theme and to delight the senses. Taking care to understand your needs and fulfilling them in each way.

Here, at Wedding decor Oshawa, we are committed to your happiness and to make your wedding something extraordinary and unique without losing out on traditional elements of grace and elegance. We create unusual and yet matching wedding flower decorations based on your inputs without overdoing it because our designers have the experience, the insight and the creative genius to achieve perfection in each case. We can guarantee that our flower arrangements and the wedding cake will be the centerpiece of your guests’ attention and you will be showered with compliments on the exquisite aesthetic theme. If guests get busy clicking with their cameras, don’t blame them! In a way we stylize the wedding flower arrangements and the cake to be an extension of your inner self just as the overall theme is an expression of your personality.

Trust us, we have done thousands of weddings in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, meeting and exceeding expectations of clients and we go to extreme lengths to achieve the desired effects. It is easy to go overboard and extravagant but for simply elegant and aesthetically pleasing flower and cake designs, it needs special talents and we have lots of it. Give us a challenge and we happily get down to work doing what we love best: creating the best flower arrangements and cake design for your momentous day.

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