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We at Babylon Décor know that your wedding day is one of the most important days in your life and what you have been dreaming of for many years

110 Cambridge Wedding Decor, DJ, Wedding Cake, Wedding Planners


Babylon Decor has a talented and passionate team with the vision to create unique themes for your wedding and then implement it all to translate the vision into a reality

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We work closely with you and assist you with choosing the right type of wedding flowers, wedding chair covers, centrepieces and backdrops for your wedding

Cambridge in the municipality of Waterloo, close to Kitchener and other parts of the Greater Toronto Area is admirably served by Wedding Decor Cambridge of Babylon Decor and Much More fame for all wedding event planning and decorations. Especially when it comes to wedding flowers and wedding cakes, we have an outstanding record of uniquely surprising yet affordable arrangements.

Wedding Decor Cambridge is part of Babylon Decor and offers comprehensive, contemporary wedding planning and managing services. Rather than doing it all by yourself and running into snags, the better option is to entrust the most important event in your life to us, sit back, relax and enjoy the memorable event. We take care of everything that goes into a wedding, right from the invitation to the final thank you notes and wedding favors with everything in between covering photography, video, flower arrangements, table arrangements, catering, limousines and much more. Ravishing wedding cakes at the reception will mesmerize guests and friends, unique in their design and the focal point of talk. Multi-tiered, tantalizingly decorated with the right motifs in layers of marzipan, fondant, icing and toppers, we match size, color and flavor to suit the theme and your preferences.

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How we manage the tightrope of excellence on the one hand and balancing costs on the other is a marvel of our ingenuity, experience and expertise born out of years of professional wedding decor services. View our portfolio of achievements showcasing vividly fluorescent contemporary venues at one end of the scale to understated elegance at the other end. As you browse through the collection you will come across unique wedding decor themes we have developed and you will have a better idea of what you are looking for. Discuss your wedding floral arrangements and your wedding cake ideas with us and we will fine tune your wedding to play like a flawless symphony. Our talented and creative geniuses consider a wedding and wedding decor including the flower arrangements, cake and even the music, lighting and fragrances from all angles with differing perspectives in order to arrive at something that will be aesthetically pleasing and harmonious.

In a world that changes constantly and where change is the only constant, one has to keep in touch with evolving trends and preferences without losing sight of the classic, everlasting traditional values and styles. At Wedding Decor Burlington, we manage just this, achieving a fine balance and refinement you will hardly find in any other agency offering similar wedding flower and cake arrangements and wedding decor services in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

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As trends and preferences change, we keep in touch with what is in and what is out. With our expertise we bring you perfect coherence and a realization of your dreams for your wedding day. Wedding Decor Cambridge helps match your bridal gowns created with multiple layers and textures to the overall theme. The romantic flowing dress styles along with accessories are reflected in the backdrop and the wedding theme venues, in tune with the season and the style you have selected. The high point is the bridal bouquet and the wedding floral arrangement all tastefully balanced to give an air of pleasing elegance.

Tasteful and refined, our designs reflect sophistication and expertise born out of years of experience in the best wedding decorations, flowers, cakes and everything included. Knowing the ins and outs and with our vast team for perfect design and delivery, we not only give you outstanding results but also take care to keep within budgets. With Wedding Decor Cambridge, you are in competent hands. Our wedding floral arrangements are stylishly modern, hand tied unique designs incorporating jewels, pearls and satin ribbons along with the pick of the season’s blooms. Elegant greens complement blues or pinks to provide a perfect match for the whites in our ensembles. Lilies, hydrangeas, tulips, orchids and the perennial rose are favorites and we use these elements to perfect effect in our wedding floral arrangements carried over to the reception too with coordinated centerpieces and vase fillers. Floral garlands are in sync with backdrops and the fabric decorating chairs, tables, pews and banisters.

Whether it is wedding cakes or wedding flowers, you can rely on us to offer exceptionally personalized services to make your day a unique and memorable one. Discuss all your requirements with our team, view our portfolios and let us know your preferences. You will be amazed at the highly aesthetic effects we can achieve within budgets.

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