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A Crystal Candelabra is a beautiful wedding centrepiece

When it comes to showing your guest a nice touch, choose a Crystal Candelabras for your wedding centrepiece

Looking adding a little class to your wedding day reception but not sure how. Do you feel that all wedding day receptions in Toronto that you have gone too in the past are all the same, but you want yours to have different elements that will have people talking? Well, there are many things that you can go with to make your wedding reception different from the rest, however, where can you go to get these ideas? While there are many ideas that you can find online, these comes with some hurdles, how can you get these items? While you may have found something that is appealing, such as Crystal candelabras Centrepieces, for example, how can you go about ordering, creating, making these on your own, if the idea you found online, was just an idea.
Well, one such wedding Babylon_decor-centerpiece-wedding_toronto_weddingdécor company in Toronto that specializes in a variety of different wedding décor ideas and items including Crystal Candelabras Centrepieces is Babylon Décor.

The great thing about a local company in Toronto that can offer you with high
quality wedding décor products, is that you are supporting your local economy, instead of ordering products online from the US, and you will have a knowledgeable staff member be able to answer your questions, either face-to-face or over the telephone. To some, this is very important, and the team at Babylon Décor understands that, and incorporates those principles into all that is does regarding wedding décor items, and more specifically, Crystal Candlebra Centrepieces for your wedding reception. Want to find out how Crystal Candelabras Centrepieces can benefit your wedding reception? Then talk with the professionals at Babylon Décor, who are standing by to take your phone calls and welcome you with the warm service that they are accustom to providing all their clients.

Crystal Candelabras Centrepieces go great with any wedding theme, and you will love how they make your wedding reception stand out and have people admire the time and effort you put in to it so your wedding day can be as special as possible. So when looking for specialized wedding décor items in Toronto, including Crystal Candelabras Centrepieces, look to Babylon Décor and you will receive all the experience that you can hope for.Babylon_decor-centerpiece-wedding_mississauga_wedding

We offer you with trusted services and our staff is friendly and knowledgeable so all your questions can be answered in a timely and thorough way.

Rustic Weddings from Babylon Décor

Have the wedding of your dreams with a Rustic Wedding and let Babylon Décor help you have it.

11252394_778244378962716_1773678155564930059_nAre you planning a wedding in Toronto? Ever thought of how your wedding can be different from all the other weddings that you have been to in Toronto while still accommodating all your friends and family to have the wedding in Toronto. While some look to going away and having a destination wedding as being different, that is not quite a luxury for other individuals. So then, how do you ask, can you have a wedding that is different from the rest?

Maybe you can do different things within your wedding that will entertain your guests so they will remember your wedding more than the others. Maybe you can plan to do it in a different time of year, where a winter wedding with various options that winter has to offer can make for a different setting. Babylon Décor in Toronto suggests that all of these options are suitable and can work, because they can offer something different in parts for your wedding ceremony and wedding reception. Another option that Babylon Décor can suggest, and ultimately, be able to have you get your wedding fulfilled is by planning for a Rustic Wedding.

Now, what exactly is a Rustic Wedding, you may ask? Rustic-BabylonA Rustic Wedding allows for your wedding to be set in a rustic environment, be it a rustic barn, a rustic area within the city, that simply adds to the ambiance of your wedding by making it truly rustic. For example, one great way of having a rustic wedding, is by possibly considering having your wedding at the very famous and rustic Distillery District. If you are considering planning on having a wedding in the Distillery District and planning on making it rustic, why not let Babylon Décor help you plan for your special day. We can help by decorating your venue to make it the most rustic you can possibly make of it.

You can also have us assist you with booking possible venues within the Distillery and
this also includes helping you with taking photos and obtaining a permit. Thinking about having a Rustic Wedding, and looking at Toronto wedding vendors who will help your dream become a reality? With the experience and knowledge of the team at Babylon Décor, we can help you get your Rustic Wedding that goes off without an issue and makes your wedding day different in so many ways. Contact us today to see how we can help you with your Rustic Wedding in Toronto.backdrop 2champagne-limo

White Ostrich Feather Make weddings look more glamorous

They say it is the little things that make the biggest difference, for anything. This can include the simplest chores, to the biggest projects that you seek out. From renovating to designing, to creating a setting that will be appealing and glamorous, the littlest things matter and with them, those little things need to be special. The same holds true from a wedding planning perspective. With so much that goes into planning a wedding day, it is important that focus is not lost on what are important items, are what are not. If you are planning a wedding day celebration in and around Toronto, Babylon Décor wants to congratulate you on your wedding day and wants to let you in on a little secret. Be sure that you know what you want, and if you need, we have it. This is for any wedding décor you are looking for, from standard items, to more exotic hard-to-find items. One such item is white ostrich feathers.12814110_921379401315879_9115796322595776946_n

How can you incorporate white ostrich feathers into your wedding day celebration, you may ask? Well, there are many different ways that you can use white ostrich feathers that will make your reception classy, eye-catching, appealing and truly glamorous! For starters, need a centrepiece idea yet want something that is unique and tremendously grand, why not consider, white ostrich feathers? They are beautiful in the sense that they will go with any wedding theme, as they are white in colour, and white can go with anything. Another great reason to consider white ostrich feathers is that the vase or centrepiece holder you use will come out that much more glamorous, so the star of the table will be your complete centrepiece from white ostrich feathers to vase. So, now10391931_921379491315870_5561307281808278487_n, you have an idea of what white ostrich feather are all about and what they can do, and are interested in ordering them for your wedding. Well, with any luck, the fine people at Babylon Décor are here to offer you with this specialized wedding service.

At Babylon Décor, white ostrich feathers are a service that we can offer you in and around Toronto providing you with the highest in wedding services, as we do with so many other of our wedding décor services. We offer you with the finest in experience, and our trusted services and staff will answer all questions you may have in a timely manner. So when it comes to ordering white ostrich feathers in Toronto, look to Babylon Décor for all your wedding décor needs.10372787_921379441315875_6089173157606527797_n

Wedding Flowers – Choosing what works best for your wedding day

Choosing the right type of wedding flowers to meet your budget and tasteWedding flowers, head table flower,wedding flower design,brooches,blush colours,dusty pink

Flowers are one thing that makes anything look so much prettier. Ever notice how beautiful a room in a house becomes when it has real roses in a vase, not only making it prettier, but making it smell nicer, depending on the flower. The same can be said for a wide arrange of flowers. This is how flowers can impact your wedding as well. When you choose to have flowers in your wedding, from the ceremony at the church to the reception, wedding flowers are that one thing that can stand on their own and make the room and everything around it look much more picturesque. While the rules do not restrict on the type of flowers you want to have for your wedding, it is best that you consult with a wedding flower specialist to decide on which flowers work best for your wedding day.

Wedding_Flowers - TorontoYou may be asking yourself, flowers are flowers, they all look pretty, and so what is the difference between flowers? Well, there is a difference, and speaking with a professional wedding décor specialist is important and they will be able to help you choose the right type of wedding flowers for your wedding day. In Toronto, you will come across many different vendors that will promote how they can assist you to choose the right type of flowers, so be sure you find the right one to make sure your decision is the right one. We feel that with Babylon Décor in Toronto, you will find all you need in selecting the right type of flowers. So what is it exactly that you can do in order to choose what wedding flowers are right for your day?

From roses, tulips, daisies, there are many different flowers to choose, however, the experts at Babylon Décor agree that you need to like the flowers before you just settle on the right ones. Other decisions that you can make include the colours of the flowers that you decide to go with. With wedding colours and wedding themes playing a very important role in your wedding plans, choosing the right colour for your wedding flowers are very important. So as you can see, there are some decisions that go intoDSC_5403 copy choosing the right type of flowers, one that can require you going with an expert wedding flower consultant to assist you. So when in Toronto, you can contact Babylon Décor today for all your wedding flower needs and get answers to your questions.DSC_0980

Choosing the right wedding décor company

Choosing the right wedding décor company

Making decisions for your wedding day requires some thinking as there is many things that you need to plan for. With so much to do, from choosing the wedding day, booking the church and booking the venue, that is only the beginning. After that, there is the need to get everything in order for the day itself. The one thing that you can expect, which sometimes acts as both a positive and negative, is that in Toronto, there are many different options when it comes to finding vendors offering a variety of different wedding services in Toronto. While there are so many, which one is the right one for you? This is no different when you are looking to choose the right type of Wedding Décor Company in Toronto that will be able to assist you with decorating your wedding day from the ceremony to the reception.

We have some solutions that will help you decide which company is right for you. Some of the obvious things that you should look out for are how experienced the company is, and if there are setup to accept phone calls, accept emails, answer questions you may have and provide answers to those questions in a timing fashion. You can find all this out by doing research online of the companies that you are interested in dealing with and if you determine that they have the ability to answerChoosing the right wedding décor company
all your questions and provide you with all the services that you are looking for, and then they are worth a consideration. There are other factors that are important, but should not be the only indicator is how competitive their pricing is. Be sure that the pricing is not tipped too much to either side of the scale, meaning, you do not want to get a dirt cheap price, and you do not want to be taken with such an expensive price either. That is why; look for competitive pricing and compare.

With all this being said, from competitive pricing, to many years of experience with friendly and courteous service, you will find trusted and reliable wedding décor services from Babylon Décor. At Babylon Décor, you will receive many years of wedding décor experience, with trusted services and staff that are able to answer all your questions in a timely manner. When it comes to choosing a wedding décor company, trust Babylon Décor for all your wedding décor needs in Toronto.