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With so many things to manage and arrange for a wedding, do you think you can do it on your own? Or have a bunch of sub-contractors and then try coordinating everything? And come out successful? That would be a rare occurrence but not rare or full of unpleasant surprised when you have us, Wedding decor Woodbridge to take care of your entire wedding event, wedding decor and that includes wedding flowers and the all important cake. A division of the larger Babylon decor and Much More, we promise you excellence in all we do. This is because we have teams working with team leaders who coordinate each aspect of the entire wedding, starting from the invitation to the final departure for the honeymoon and beyond that too, if needed. The result is an unforgettable day in your life when everything goes off in a dream like sequence, so much so that it might be straight out of a movie.

Movie productions cost a lot; we work within budgets. Movie producers have lots of time for rehearsals; we do not. Movie directors can have retake after retake. We get it right the first time. Each time. No matter whether the wedding is a simple one or a highly stylized, no holds barred extravaganza. Leave it all to us. What Jeeves was to Wooster, we are to wedding couples: the reassuring touch of perfection for their event, for wedding flowers, for cakes and everything else that happens in a wedding.

DSC_9762Wedding Flowers and Wedding Floral Decorations

Trends change every season in wedding flowers and wedding floral decorations, vivid colors giving way to soft pastels, pinks paving the way for blues, more and extravagant receding and the minimalist style taking over. At Wedding decor Woodbridge we are current with the latest trends, not that we ignore special requirements and the need to meet preferences of each client. We mold ourselves around each client’s vision and help translate it to reality. We listen, understand act to deliver results beyond expectations. Our wedding bouquets, bridesmaid’s flowers and the overall wedding floral arrangements are in sync with the wedding theme and the bridal dress so that there is no note of dissonance. We match blooms to personalities; picking those in season, match them with greens, twigs, beads and even gems to fit the best looks within budgets. Just take a look at our past portfolio not only to gain ideas but also to check how picture perfect each wedding is. Pictures speak louder than words about our work.

Wedding Cake
With so many styles in wedding cakes it may be difficult to make a decision about whether to go in for stylish and extravagant or a simple and elegant one. A discussion with our stylists will help make matters clear and will help you select the right cake that will be the centerpiece of attention, giving an impression of luxurious class but with down to earth costs. It takes only a little bit of extra thinking on our part to deliver superior results and with our years of experience, you can trust us to deliver exceptionally outstanding wedding cakes.

Wedding cakes and wedding flowers and floral arrangements form a part of the larger picture that is the whole wedding that we plan and orchestrate to perfection for your happiness and to give you fond memories