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If you want no compromised style or features, all within your budget, and much more for your wedding decor, flower arrangements and wedding cakes, then you get all these from Wedding decor Whitby, division of Babylon decor and Much More! You can give free reign to your ideas, discuss them in detail with our team of wedding flower and cake stylists and have the perfect arrangement on the grand occasion. When you have total wedding planning and decor services from one source you are relieved of all the stresses and tensions and can focus on enjoyment, assured that we are here to take care of everything, down to the last minor detail.

Talk of wedding flower arrangements. With an in depth knowledge of all the various types of DSC_9751flower arrangements, bouquets, posies, nosegays, bridal muffs, Bible sprays or shower bouquets that were popular in their heyday, we can revive and restyle these in today’s context to give your wedding a touch of classic elegance. Flowers have a language of their own and we are fluent in this language, using the medium to express the sentiment. Pink, red and white carnations symbolize boldness, love and talent and have a mild, enchanting fragrance. Fragrant gardenias stand for purity and joy and can be used in wedding floral decorations the year round. Lilacs represent love’s first emotion and can perfume the entire wedding venue when used in flower decorations. Orchids are the symbol of love and beauty as well as fragility, so symbolic of marriage ties. The fragrant rose is the ultimate expression of love, beauty and joy while tulips represent love and passion. These are just a few of the flowers we use for wedding floral arrangements to suit your mood, dress style, theme and your personality. At Wedding decor Whitby you have the benefit of our expertise and creative talents for picture perfect wedding flower arrangements.

The same attention to detail extends to our wedding cakes. The first cut, the first meal of the couple, the beginning of a shared life are all represented by the cake. Traditional wedding cakes are white, multi-tiered and have toppers that the couple retains for life, cherishing the first day of the start of their life together. You want your wedding cake to be special and in harmony with the rest of the wedding theme. Handling entire wedding decorations, we make sure the cake and the topper is in complete harmony, the center point of attention.

It is possible to go to great lengths and expense for wedding flower and wedding cakes but with our expertise in managing and handling wedding decor arrangements, we never lose sight of budgets. Working within specified budgets we come up with exquisite floral arrangements and a cake you will be proud of, with a show that gives an impression of a high spend but in reality, costing far less than what one would assume. Discuss your wedding plans and have us handle all your decor arrangements, including wedding flowers and wedding cakes and marvel at what we can come up with. We spare no effort to please.