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Whether it is a lavish, no limits wedding or a simple, classic wedding, Wedding Decor Newmarket is your one stop source for all wedding decor and wedding event handling services, as part of the versatile Babylon Decor and Much More Group. We are professional and have specific teams assigned specific responsibilities in the overall wedding event project. Working in this arena since over a decade we have refined our processes and our capabilities to deliver wedding decor solutions that go beyond the ordinary. Our teams work in close coordination with each other and with sub-contractors to deliver a finely tuned event that goes off smoothly.

DSC_5440Wedding decor Newmarket is one of its kind, having in-house facilities for exclusive designer table covers and chair covers in silk, satin, taffeta. We have a wonderful array of lighting equipments and special chandeliers, candelabras and other props to give a unique aura to the wedding. Our crystal glassware is the epitome of elegance and our storehouse of props will meet any concept you may have in mind. And of course our wedding floral arrangement studio has a team of specialists who use selected flowers, in season or specially sourced according to your need, to deliver the effect you have in mind. Our wedding cake specialist is a master designer who can develop the cake, a solid representation of your ideas. And of course we handle much more, from limousines to photography, video, catering and everything connected with weddings, as specialist wedding event planners and handlers in Toronto and the GTA.

For some brides, the wedding floral arrangements are of the utmost importance and we welcome you to have a detailed consultation with our team of wedding flower specialists. With a passion and love for flowers, they are the right people to advise you on selection of the right flower, its shade, fragrance and symbolic meaning to help create the perfect ambience and set off your bridal dress in style. The bridal bouquet, wedding garlands and the bridesmaids flowers are all coordinated and matched with the wedding theme, not even a tiny little sprig or branch out of place. Knowing current trends and fashions and also having a vast storehouse of knowledge on wedding floral decoration designing, we can implement your ideas and make your dream a reality. The same goes for the wedding cake. It does not have to follow the regular multi-tiered pattern, though we can have some exquisitely unique designs here that will make your cake the center of attention at the reception.

It is easy to go overboard on design and execution but restrained styling leads to charming elegance and if you are looking for unique wedding flower and cake designs in addition to complete wedding handling services starting with invitations, this is your one stop solution to free you of all stress. Have an initial consultation with our team, look at our portfolio of works and testimonials from clients and even have a peek at computer simulation of wedding floral and cake designs made possible at Wedding decor Newmarket. You won’t have to look elsewhere. We are it — your wedding planner, florist and cake designer, all in one.