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DSC_2672Murphy’s Law can come into play at any time, on any occasion and anywhere in the world. Anything can go wrong and that too when you expect it the least. This can happen at weddings too unless you have the right people taking care of all the wedding arrangements on your behalf. At Wedding Decor Maple, part of Babylon Decor and Much More, we factor in Murphy’s Law and make doubly sure that everything goes off to perfection. Our experience and expertise in organizing guarantee that your wedding décor and events are perfect, down to the last detail.

Wedding Decor Maple takes on a broad canvas of responsibilities, handling the entire wedding decor that includes back drops, music, lighting, stage, tables, centerpieces and importantly, the wedding flower and wedding cake arrangements. Wedding flower arrangements created by our stylists are the last word in elegance, drawing appreciative glances and praise from guests and friends. You will be surprised at the charm and elegance we can achieve using simple elements but so refreshingly arranged as to be a visual delight. This is our expertise and the creative genius of our talented florists. More to the point, we achieve this in defined budgets. It is easy to go overboard when considering wedding floral decorations, the bouquet and the bridesmaid’s flowers but when you have us, we deliver enchantingly lovely floral arrangements within budgets.

Just as flowers are the center of attention for the wedding, the reception’s high point is undoubtedly the wedding cake. You want this to be the finale people will remember and when you have us, you can trust us to design and deliver delectable, delightful and delicious cakes that are just as much a visual treat as they are wonderful to taste. Chocolate, carrot, strawberry, coffee or any other combination, just let us know your wishes and you have it.

What distinguishes Wedding Decor Maple is that we do not consider various elements of wedding decor as separate but as a part of the whole composite wedding theme. If you and your guests feel wonderful and special on that day, it is because we take care to harmonize visual and other elements to delight please your finer senses. Wedding floral arrangements are indispensable and permit the use of a huge array of vividly colored or pastel hued flowers, small and large flowers, fragrant flowers and flowers without scents with greens and sheeny silk to give a wonderful, dreamy, enchanting look to the decor and the venue. Looking at the wedding cake one wonders whether it is an extension of the theme or is the theme built around the cake. Our designs enchant, intrigue and captivate. If you are looking for something different that expresses your personality, come to us. A fairy tale theme or a royal theme; we can help you carry it all off with élan.

Given the meticulous attention to planning, design and implementation, overseen by our coordinators even on the day of the wedding and reception, you can rest assured that Murphy’s Law will never strike where Wedding Decor Maple is there in charge of wedding flowers, cake and the entire event.