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DSC_0797The origins of the wedding cake are lost in the murky shadows of time and evolved from bread to the highly stylized form of multi-tiered and layered cake we are familiar with and expect at weddings. Wedding cakes are symbolic and in today’s milieu, they are the center of attention at a reception. Wedding couples go to great lengths to have a wedding cake stand out, be highly impressive and unique. If you are looking for these qualities in your wedding cake, Wedding Decor Hamilton of Babylon Decor and Much More fame satisfies you on all counts and beyond.

Do you want a special cake with custom toppers?  Let us know all your thoughts and see how easily and perfectly we make them a reality in wedding cake designs.

Like wedding cakes, wedding flowers too have a symbolic meaning. In fact different flowers represent different qualities, emotions and moods. There are appropriate and also inappropriate flowers with their long standing symbolic representations. Flowers in general represent love, delicacy, youth, caring and love and are usually associated with feminine qualities.

It is not just flowers and cakes that have deeper symbolic meanings and values. Everything from the ring to the bridal dress and colors, wedding decor and each component has deeper meanings brought down through centuries of tradition. Upstart wedding decor and wedding planners may not care to go into the deeper contexts of each component of the wedding. However, as expert wedding decor and event handlers, we have an in depth understanding of wedding symbolism, the true associations, the meanings and value of everything that goes into a wedding, whether it is mythological or cultural.

The wedding bouquet is an eye catcher and at a deeper level represents fertility while the bridal veil represents modesty and virginity of youth and also to ward off evil.  Maintaining the legend and the tradition we do include something new, something old and something borrowed so you can be happy customs are observed. The wedding ring is a never ending circle, binding two souls for eternity in love. Little things of wedding lore they may be but they matter a lot.

How is all this relevant to wedding decor?  The answer is that knowing all this gives is deeper insights into creating truly harmonized designs that have a holistic arrangement and are pleasing not only to the eye but to the soul as well. Wedding decor and all its parts including wedding floral arrangements and wedding cakes is our life and we have made it our life’s passion to be knowledgeable about all aspects in order to deliver beyond expectations.

We have been serving Toronto and the GTA with superior wedding decor service since over a decade. Hundreds of satisfied clients, happy at the excellent quality in each little aspect of the wedding and even more that we achieved it all within defined budgets, have sent us letters of thanks. It is a great relief to have someone you can fully trust to take care of everything in the wedding for you. At Wedding Decor Hamilton, we do all of that with absolute perfection.