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DSC_2577If you have watched ice figure skaters, you will marvel at their fluid, graceful movements, the control and above all their perfection in their rolls, spins, jumps and extremely intricate and challenging movements. Wedding Decor Etobicoke emulates the perfection in each of its activities related to handling entire wedding event and wedding décor for wedding couples in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.  Everything comes together for the skater: his perfection depicts poetry in motion. We paint a wider canvas of colors, textures, lights, music and even fragrance in our wedding event and wedding decor services; it is poetry of emotion coming alive on your wedding day. Look no further for your wedding decor, wedding flower and wedding cakes, because we do all that, and much more.

Working since years as wedding planners, organizers and coordinators in Toronto and the Greater Toronto area, Wedding Decor Etobicoke has what it takes to deliver results that match and exceed expectations in each aspect of the wedding and the reception and that takes in wedding flowers, wedding cake, theme, lighting, decorations, music, catering, handling guests, church, photography, locations, video and just about anything and everything to make your wedding an unqualified success, an event to remember for life. For us a wedding is critical and each aspect is given importance and care to the finest detail because we want the best for you in terms of looks, appeal, feel and above all, managing everything within your budget without cutting corners.

In order to give you contemporary, latest and trendy flower designs we research styles and fashions and can present ideas and create realities out of your vision of what you want the most important day of your life to be. Flower arrangements for the wedding and the wedding cake for the reception are the focal points of a wedding and with our practiced ease from years of experience in knowing what will suit the location, the guests and most importantly, your personality. Knowing all these and delivering to the max, we can, like the ice figure skaters, choreograph weddings to the pinnacle of excellence. The way you want it to be.

It is a given that neither the bride, her family, the groom nor his family are ever going to have time to look into each little aspect of a wedding or have the experience to create wedding floral arrangements or design a cake that is the centerpiece of attention. At Wedding Decor Etobicoke we are committed to wedding arrangements and decor and you can concentrate on your busy lives, leaving the entire wedding event, including florals and cake arrangements to us, confident that we will do everything the way you want it done, the way it should be . There is consistency, coherence and a pleasing harmony that will project an image of charming elegance. Years later, when you look at your photographs you will refresh memories and relive your precious moments all over again. Life is passing, ephemeral; let us help you add sparkles and joy on your momentous day by handling your entire wedding, especially wedding flower and wedding cake arrangements.