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gallery-large58Styles and fashions change with regularity but the traditional and classic endures for all times. It is the same in wedding decors. Highly stylized elements and passing fancies are here but gone tomorrow. If you are looking for timeless elegance and classic styles in wedding decor, have fixed budgets but high expectations and want to impress your guests and friends, this is the place. At Wedding Decor Brampton, a part of Toronto-wide Babylon Decor and Much More, we focus on customer satisfaction and on giving a superior experience. Our wedding decor arrangements are fine examples of understated elegance and classic grandeur. The message is: you don’t have to shout it loud to make a statement nor do you have to go overboard in terms of expense to impress. With this as the base we work out exquisite floral arrangements that will undeniably charm you and your guests on that day. In the same vein, our wedding cakes are contemporaneous or vintage, simple, multi-tiered, elaborate or elegantly simple. If you want it lavish, we will do it that way too.

Take a look at the various bridal types wedding bouquets available as a part of the overall wedding floral arrangements:

  • Nosedays: structured, closely packed flowers with uniform length stems, wrapped with satin, silk or lace ribbon with a stiff backing
  • A Biedermeier Bouquet: Just like the nosegay, the only difference being that the flowers are arranged on concentric circles using flowers of vivid and different hues.
  • A Posy or hand tied bouquet: Simplest but charmingly elegant when done right as we do it at Wedding Decor Brampton, in a loosely flowing style with a vivid silk ribbon.
  • A Pomander Bouquet: This is quite different and striking insofar as it resembles a ball, carried by a silk ribbon; ideal for the bride and for the bridesmaids.
  • A Fan bouquet is a simple plastic or wooden or bamboo fan with flowers for a striking appearance, ideal for vintage style weddings
  • A composite flower bouquet: This is rather elaborate, made by stringing together lots of single petals to resemble a single large flower, charmingly elegant.
  • Cascade or Trail Bouquet: A traditional style with flowers arranged to look as if they are flowing over the bride’s hands down to her feet, smaller versions are teardrops.
  • Presentation Bouquet: Simple but oh so effective, the bride carrying long stemmed flowers cradled in her arm.

These are just a few of the types of bouquets we integrate into the larger scheme of wedding floral design. Wedding floral design and arrangement is again a part of the overall wedding décor service from Wedding Decor Brampton (Babylon Decor and Much More). Like a symphony, all notes are in perfect harmony when you have us taking care of your wedding, flowers, cake and everything else.

Why not phone us and spend some time with our designer team? Give us your vision and ideas and we turn them into reality. Beach weddings for informal arrangements or formal church weddings, we treat each case with care and sensitivity to give you, our client, and full satisfaction.