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Think of all those little but very significant things that go to make a wedding successful; try to do it yourself or entrust it to someone else and you can be sure there will be hitches all the way. On the other hand, leave it to Wedding decor Toronto of Babylon decor and have peace of mind knowing that each tiny little detail will be taken care of and your wedding will be an extravaganza you will be proud of in terms of flower decorations and arrangements, wedding cake, drapery, backdrop, lighting, music, table arrangements, wedding centerpieces, boutonnieres, corsages, reception decorations…just about everything that is needed to make it the most perfect day of your life.

DSC_9651Think of flower decorations and the many varieties and styles possible. It might get confusing but with Wedding decor Toronto here to handle your wedding floral arrangements, you can be sure we will give a lot of consideration to picking the right flowers for the wedding, creating the perfect design that is in harmony with the rest of the wedding theme and creates an enchanting aura to the whole wedding decor. Flowers are about delicacy, colors, textures and the perfume, quintessential expression of human emotions that words will not do justice to. Leave it to us, discuss your ideas and expectations and our team goes to work in the background to come up with exquisite wedding floral arrangements that will stun guests and have them marveling at the overall composition.

Wedding cakes are the centerpiece of attention. There is no limit to the styles, embellishments and tastes we can achieve. However, you would not want a cake that is too small or one that is seen as being somewhat of an overstatement. You want one that is simply perfect, matching the wedding setting and table arrangements, backdrop and the overall sentiment. Wedding decor Toronto have the creative insight and vision to match your expectations of the most elaborate cake or one that is simple yet flawlessly elegant, leaving the guests awed and delighted.

If we are able to create next generation futuristic wedding decor or contemporary and traditional arrangements perfect to the last detail, it is because of our obsession with going beyond the ordinary and delivering a perfect symphony where not a single chord of dissonance occurs. Our stylists have traveled around the world, researched designs, decorations and wedding themes, integrating all these along with modern principles of lighting, music and scents wafting over the air at the venue with special attention to wedding flower and wedding cakes. Our overall, comprehensive wedding decor Toronto service considers all five senses and you and your guests will experience the difference. You want your wedding day to be the best and we help you realize your dream. The best way is to leave all wedding decor arrangements to us, talk about your expectations and then let us create the fantasy. And then have it all captured for all time through our Babylon Photo and video; images you will love to view over and over again.